2 Tools to Get Out of Your Funk

Hi Friends, If you want to get out of your funk, you’ve got to be sincerely honest about what gets you there in the first place.  Yes, stuff happens to us which is beyond our control.  For those things, spiritual practices + therapy go a long way.  Yet, a lot of the times, WE areContinue reading “2 Tools to Get Out of Your Funk”

The Value of Women’s Bodies, Brains, and Souls

We know the attitude towards women changed when iconography depicted their assault and subjugation.  We know that women stopped being perceived as divine creators when male gods were attributed to producing life.  We know that at various points throughout multiple cultures, women were deemed sacred because of the abundance of temples, graves, exquisite drawings, andContinue reading “The Value of Women’s Bodies, Brains, and Souls”

Women (and Goddesses), Come in all Colors, Shapes, and Sizes

Women, and goddesses, come in all colors, shapes, and sizes… I wish I could have gotten this phrase tattooed on my arm when I started the serpentine journey into womanhood.  Like most of us, growing up, all I ever saw in media was thin female bodies with impossible proportions.  As one article put it: AlthoughContinue reading “Women (and Goddesses), Come in all Colors, Shapes, and Sizes”

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