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Empower your mind, body, soul.

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About Vanessa

Vanessa Soriano is a 500-hour registered yoga teacher who completed her yogic training in India. She also has a PhD in Women’s Spirituality (an interdisciplinary, multicultural, female-centric approach to the study of spirituality and religion) from the California Institute of Integral Studies. Given her educational background, she has discovered helpful (healing) content that empowers the mind, body, and soul. As an educator, Vanessa guides you on how to integrate beliefs and practices that invigorate and support you.

The Roots of Mind, Body, Soul Empowerment

  1. Empowerment is not about perfection. It is about awakening. It is about cultivating and sustaining mental, physical, and spiritual health. This process is messy and beautiful.
  2. Transformation must begin from loving-awareness. The inner critic cannot take the lead.
  3. Compassionate and committed action underpins the changes you want to make in your Life. Denial, self-sabotage, and self-loathing are not the way through.
  4. Self-forgiveness is necessary and healing. Forgiveness alters the way we treat ourselves.
  5. As we heal ourselves, we heal others. Empowered humans create and shape a healthier world.

Blogs are like soul medicine. Grab your green juice or coffee and read a bit.

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